Soothsayer 11 OUT NOW!

Andy Skopes & The Sith - "Drop the Truth" b/w "Murderous Rage" - Soothsayer 011 OUT NOW!

Listen to "Drop the Truth"!!!
Listen to "Murderous Rage"!!!

Soothsayer returns after a brief hiatus with it's eleventh release. SS011 is a return to the hard and dark, a record not intended for the faint of heart. Renegade, Inperspective veteran Andy Skopes, flanked by newcomers The Sith, makes his long awaited debut on Soothsayer. The great irony being that Skopes is notorious for making beautifuly serene Metalheadzy tracks, hence his recent signing to Good Looking Records. However, preconceived notions and stylistic limitations have been tossed in favor of an uncompromisingly brutal slab of amen land mines and bone crushing bass in the form of Soothsayer eleven, "Drop the Truth" b/w "Murderous Rage". It would appear that Autopy residents The Sith have indeed infected Skopes with the nastiest of virulent aural infections.

"Drop the Truth" initiates with chilling cinematic pads and continually develops with distorted stabs. Thereafter fractured breaks lumber forward, offset by tremendous drops and massive sub bass swells. Relentless break switches and cuts dominate the introductory bars. A delayed vocal sample then provides a segway to an amen avalanche. Amen tearout underpinned by leadheavy sub bass pads decimate the floor. The second drop features a more decadent approach to amens and trash can breaks - harkening back to the noir of the most dissonant '97 techstep records.

"Murderous Rage" is a heavy running tune featuring a barrage of breaks and edits. Primarily anchored around a notorious jazz break,"Murderous Rage" delivers the heavy goods w/ a bit of swing. Lots of filters, loads of breaks, and massive sub bass pads that will lower property values in your neighborhood for years to come. Pure noise pollution for the Noiseniks!

Written and Produced by: Andrew Lawrence, Andrew Munasinghe, and Irfan Hasan.
Mastered by Neil Devine @ Massive Masters UK
Worldwide Distribution by Load Media UK

Soothsayer and Dubplatelet are Available at the Following Quality Retailers:
Breakbeat Science USA
Wrecked Distro USA
Redeye Records UK
Zions Gate USA
Juno Records UK
Chemical Records UK
The Hard Store/Underground Music UK
Praxis Shop Germany
Toolbox Records France
Noise Exchange Australia

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XLR8R on Soothsayer

"Pulling no punches, the dark synths and pitched snares ooze out like a sinister blob enveloping an unsuspecting metropolis, dissolving flesh and bone on contact. Hard, evil darkstep business."

DJ Chopper- XLR8R

Dogs on Acid on Soothsayer

"will eat your soul like some kind of Apex inspired monster."

James Shaw - DOA

Knowledge Magazine UK on Soothsayer

"If you like to gurn in dark corners whilst being bludgeoned by sound this is for you. This is like Aphex Twin on Ketamine!"

URB Magazine on Soothsayer

"Sure-fire mosh pit action that’ll have them begging for more"

Chris Muniz/Dj Nightstalker - URB

iDJ Magazine on Soothsayer

"an explosive cocktail of violent bass stabs and twisted drum beats."

Darren Jones/ DirtyDr