Sook on Symbiosis...

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    Sook on Symbiosis...

    Unlike his music up and coming talent Sook is composed of 61% oxygen,
    18% carbon and 10% Hydrogen. The elements which make up his body were
    formed billions of years ago in a star and are certainly much older than he
    or dubstep is.

    Of the remaining 11% of his composition by mass less than 0.01% is Selenium.
    Although having absolutely nothing to do with his digusting bass driven
    dancefloor destroying beats, like all multicellular Eukaryotic life forms this
    element is required in trace amounts for Sook’s cellular function and mediate
    the effects of specific cellular responses.

    It is these cellular responses that allow Sook to have mega-cyber-chrono-dirt-step
    on the ever filthy Rottun Recordings and disgusting-ultra-funk-dub-tekno beats
    forthcoming on Rogue Dubs, Stupid fly and Betamorph. Observe Sook’s cellular
    functionality live at any of a series of interstate gigs in complete symbiosis with his
    partner in grime boot. The Abyss (Sook & Boot) are heading on an Australian mini
    tour leading up to the new year including but not exclusive to…

    Swagga @ Live (Adelaide) Nov 6th
    Pirates vs Ninjas @ Bar Open (Perth) Nov 8th
    Hopskotch @ Miss Libertines (Melbourne) Nov 21st
    High and Dry Festival @ Wisemans Ferry Nov 27th - Nov 29th

    Sook’s clinical mix for Symbiosis on Overlap is fresh from the lab and a taste of what
    to expect club/warehaus/research facility near you!

    Click tha Link...

    1/Pledge of Resistance - Saul Williams + Ambience (Bjork Vocals)
    2/Crux - Broken Note - Ad Noiseum
    3/End of Time - Sook - Rottun
    4/Thing-a-mo-tron - Sook - Dub
    5/Concept - Sick Cycle - Rottun Dub
    5/Sunset on Mars - Boot - Betamorph Dub
    6/Ride The Walrus - Sook ft Distemper and Cataclysm - Subterfuge Dub
    7/Master Blaster (Suspect VIP) - Suspicious Stench - Dub
    8/Lava Snort Dog - Twitch - Dub
    9/Viscous (2009 VIP) - Boot - Dub
    10/The New Bleak - Sook - Rottun
    11/Peregruzka - Sook - Dub
    12/Hypothermic - Excision & The Subdivision - Paradise Lost Dub
    13/Nightmare Style - Triage - Requiem Dub
    14/Fanatic (The Abyss RMX) - Dubtek - Dub
    15/The Blank (16 bit RMX) - Skism - Wicky Lindows
    16/Toothsmasher (Innasekt RMX) - Cardopusher - Spectraliquid Records
    17/Affliction - Droid Sector & Dubtek - Shift
    18/Season of The Mist - Sook - Stupid Fly Dub
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    May 12, 2006
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