Sonorous Music Website Live Now !! WWW.SONOROUSMUSIC.CO.UK / 003 PROMOS THIS WEEK!!


We are proud to announce the launch of
our brand new website, online store & mp3 shop.

featuring: Online Shop, MP3 Shop, Exclusives,
Audio/Mixes, Artist Bio, Booking Form, Top 10's, Discography & More !!

Right now in the store you can buy releases 1-3 on vinyl which includes : Atlantic Connection, Lynx & Brother, also find 001 & 002 in the MP3 store.

Also with the launch of our website we proudly present :Sonorous Digital - featuring artists such as: Ste.Luce, Will Miles, Specific, Whizz, Daze, Atom, Dan Marshall, Saburuko, Mixmaster Doc, Vice Versa & More !

Check out the Sonorous MP3 store to buy the first EP, each digital ep there will be a high resolution image which once downloaded can be used for a CD inlay ! Each release will be available first on the Sonorous site (also our iThink store) and then iTunes, Beatport, Trackitdown & more around 3-4 weeks after.

On site you can find some freebies such as free downloads, mixes and desktop images. The site will be updated regularly with store, news and more !

Big thanks to Vince, Tijs & all @ Fold Design -
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Out This Week:

Promos Out In The Shops & Online This Week:

This week our third release will touch down on promo with our favourite newcomer: Brother.

With two sublime cuts in the shape of Grace & Little Child we are very excited about this one ! Available to buy right now in the Sonorous Store and then in all good record shops by the end of the week ! For audio check the Sonorous Site / Myspace. DOA Review.

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Re: Sonorous Music Website Live Now !! WWW.SONOROUSMUSIC.CO.UK / 003 PROMOS THIS WEEK

big up the hayze!