Sonic & Ed Rush / Sonic - Kinetic / Tenshi

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Long standing friends Sonic & Ed Rush team up for the next release on the ever impressive Space Recordings.
Driving snares concoct mildly with perfectly eq'ed shakers & single hand claps, while rising discoesque filters wind themselves throughout the intro & around the ear catching drum fill ins. 'Kinetic' slowly expands itself into more & more precise rhythms each sound releases a holding note for another drum edit or down-graded reese to push themsleves into the ever growing space of sound.
For me this track really hits it's most explosive moment when your in the second break, the reese is brought into life to kick start the beating drum & swirling filters before dropping straight back into this subtle roller.

Not guaranteed to set floors alight by itself but if you can drop this in through the middle of another track you could be onto a winner if your looking for that rolling tease. I've been really disappointed with Ed Rush & Optical lately but this combined with what I believe to be forthcoming on Virus will surely put them back into the sounds we love them for.

Overall 7/10

Up on the B side Sonic takes it upon himself to to show us he's really feeling that summer flavour & begins with some spine tingling 70's funk guitar licks & sharp vocals, before filtering down into that samba sound. Slow building kicks work alongside the guitar while distant crowd screams simmer in the backgroud, then a very familiar riff joins the party to unleash a non-stop scorcher which erupts from the kick drum build up. Crisp snare hits & subtle bass skip hand in hand in the summer sun while light airy synths capture the rest of the night.
Not anything memorable or groundbreaking by any standards but it's fun & for the first half of the tune you'll be picturing bbq's & hazey summer evenings.
Also if anyone can tell me where that riff is from I'd be grateful it's bugging the hell out of me I know I've heard it.


Released On: Space Recordings