Something new for all the liquid headz out there ...


Mar 26, 2011

Ok so this is our second Liquid tones night in Clapham. The first one was packed and included table dancing and crowd surfing till 4am. This time it's a Lifestyle Recordings special so let's get spicy!

...So let's put the filthy basslines aside and gaze longingly into one another's eyes to some warm goeey liquidy goodness. Feel the love :) !!!
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Just been down to the Lifestyle basement, it's real dark down there and I almost made a poo in my pants it was that scary. There's rumours Gary Glitter lives down there amidst all the Lifestyle releases and merchandise so I wasn't planning on sticking around for too long. Luckily I found what I was looking for. From the darkness there was light and it was FREE ! ..... :orly:

Feel the luurve, liquid styleeee!

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