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So I was wondering what is the proper volume for the different elements in a dnb track like Drums,Bass,some Melody and stuff.Also can some1 tell me what the people mean by distortion fx (I know what it means),but how do they achieve it(if possible point Ableton's dist fx) is it related to the detuning?And third(hope last one) as far as i know, resampling means - u make bass for example u put fx like flanger,chorus,EQ etc... and then u take part of that sample and do the same , u see the problem is ,when i try to do it the sample that i come up with after adding fx sounds worse than the pre-resampling!

Hope u got me ! :)


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difficult to say. but the drums and the bass should be a little bit more in the forefront of the mix. but they dont have to be, it really depends on what kind of sound youre going for.
distortion is distortion and detuning detuning, but its usually a good idea to distort after detuning your saw waves. so the words commonly appear in sequence when people are talking about making bass, reece bass in partiuclar.
resampling means you make a sound and then sample it and stick it back in the sampler. or edit in cooledit, it has the same effect.

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I think its more of a guide for if you are going to get a track mastered. Usually as a whole the track should sit at -3db. But some say -6db.

I usually have my kicks sitting at -3db, then everything else set around that. If it sounds too quiet you can easily finish the track then use a limiter on the master channel to bring everything back up.

By setting everything to this level also helps stop elements clipping and going into the red!