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Nov 28, 2010
I really liked Inwoke. Everything is really good and glitchy. I do prefer a more cheesy line for the second drop instead of those old fashioned pitch downs from tape era. Does anybody remembers those Jenkins machines? They do a very good rippling distorted granulized reverse and reverse reverbs. They are perfect for this track.
Perfect drop in In its mind. The lead synth in the phrasal conjunction- i think the detuned multiple osc saw lead- is a remembrance of 90's when played in high registers. The attacky line of the same synth i assume, reminds me of The Fat of the Land. phrasal 1 measure drops are repeating way too much. LFO bass-led is working perfect on the long 16 measure drop. the construction of the break is really similar to the first drop/break although the fat snare and jingles makes the after break part more dense and dynamically satisfying-namely for its famous break every 8 measure for the first 4 cycles of the second part.
The overall stereo notion has been severely improved along with other skills in a comparison between backwards and the other two mentioned above. The waterfight was terrifyingly cinematic. Three different spaces are simultaneously remarked by the use of three different reverb types. The largest reverb is working very dramatic. I cannot imagine the track without the latte reverb.

Nice job!!
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