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Hi. I just signed to a friend's tiny ass label in Vegas (by 'signed' I mean a bong rip and a handshake in the garage.. And am the only artist - but still official!).
I've produced all kinds of dark DnB and Breaks in the states, under various names the past 15 years. Some trance.. Some successful, some... uh, not so successful.
I wont go into it, but starting over fresh.. I have a new track for review.
Homeboy has it up on his Youtube and company website (dirty t-shirts salesman).
Its raw and unclean, but fully intended to be. Am a Fusion Drummer by passion, and an SAE drop out, so I have a grasp on production, and have produced many "clean" and "produced" sounding songs
But this one's ah, different. Its ugly. Its got all the charm of an Alien taking a piss into a pile of Hot Sauna rocks. Its only 152bpm. Somehow the slower (but not quite Dubstep) style has been growing on me for years.
No melodies with this current offering. Its Trashy... but am liking the direction. Minimal too.
I used Alchemy heavily on a new EP (limitless tool - anti-aliasing oscillators...dreamy)
We are releasing from his website in a month or so. Have a 165bpm ver, but am holding out for a bit..
Heres a snip.

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