Some Kind of Ragga Jungle (?)


Didn't post here for a while, because of other music things i had going on...
anyway, I'm working on this track now. Actually started working on it some 3 hours ago^^ and i just need some Feedback on some things.

- It seems to me, that this track is going into nowhere after the first's just repeating itself, etc. what can i do especially with the arrangement here, to make it more interesting?

- Sound? Mixing? (didn't work on that too much now, but still would like to have some FB)

-Imo there's something missing here, it keeps being at that point, where you expect something big to come...but it won't come...I just don't know what it is...


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Makes me feel like im in Mexico! even tho i never been there:P sure an interesting track man:P


deep in the jungle
i quite like it. i can tell you are used to making more musical genres than D&B.

D&B needs to learn to be more musical, but junglists still like it authentic and tough.

we don't like to feel like we're turning homosexual.

for any authenticity it needs distortion on the drums, a bucket full of jamaican dancehall samples and that bassline needs to grow a pair of balls.

drum and bass basslines are dark, nasty and deeper than a wizards pocket.

the trumpet is the most sexually offensive instrument in the mix '96.

i apologise for my direct and probably offensive critique, i'm in a funny mood.

it has potential, but toughen it up.

look to dillinja for inspiration on the drums, to ed rush and optical for the synths/bass and to ray keith tunes for a bit of ragga authenticity.