Some eksman sets

The 1st set is twisted individual, eksman, TT ace on kool fm 22-03-06
the 2nd is eksman and friction one nation bristol 8-12-07

just uploading 2 more but it takes a while soo watch this thread
chrisy, not everyone always downloads the links: i, for example have come in and viewed your thread to see what eks sets youv got. not seeing anything i wanted, i will now leave, without downloading and therefore not thanking, but this adds to your view count.

Get used to people not thanking, one thing i uploaded to r-share was downloaded over 100 times from this forum, but i got 2 thanks for it... not a problem tho cos it added to my rapidshare points!!! But its not even all about being "Thanked"... Thanked for what, for posting a link? did you upload the link yourself? Or find it elsewhere? Surely its about the love of the music, sharing that downloadable gem with your fellow ravers just because they have shared so much with you in the past? passing on that banging set some top notch dj added to his facebook or myspace for the dnb scene at large. not about trying to get as many thanks as possible for a set.... nooooo.
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