Some advice needed

Mr Fletch

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So as I'm sure some of you are aware, I've recently had a problem with my pc, and as of right now, am unable to produce anymore. Which leads me to this post.

Sure, I could go out and buy a new disc drive, but I've been thinking for a while now that I'd like a laptop dedicated to production. No Internet or software at all apart from what is needed solely for producing on. The girlfriend doesn't use the disc drive on our pc so is happy to continue using that for her Facebook addiction, and other Internet related topics, as long as I clean up and remove all my music related shit (as she kindly put it).

So, remembering I'm not that clued up on computers, what specs are good for laptop production?


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I've got a HP i5, 2.8ghz dual core, with 4gb ram, and a 7200rpm 120gb internal drive (upgraded, usually they are 5200rpm which are shit for audio streaming)....I can get a fair amount of use out of it, although i have to freeze tracks sumtimes, which i've only had to do with my quad maybe once, but i've never pushed my laptop massivly, maybe 60-100 ableton plugins (very rough guess). the laptop cost about 400£, fukin bargin.

i know allot of people will slag off hp, but imo for the money they are definitly worth it, i use it for production when i'm away from home, and to play my lives.

best to get an external, 7200rpm + hard drive to stream audio/samples etc, rather than using the internal harddrive, espcially if you dont upgrade the internal drive, which u really should. shouldnt be more than 150 to upgrade and get an external drive. u culd even put an SSD drive into the laptop, and watch it load Windows 7 desktop, from power on, in just a few seconds. SSD drives are not good for samples or any intensive hard drive work because they have limited read/write capability, so you would probly want to run the virtual disk off the external drive rather than the SSD to get a good few years out of it

If you have more like a K to buy a laptop with, u culd get a quad core with 8gb ram and all the bells n whistles, that would see thru a good few years, a dual core may get frustrating to use sometimes, i do miss my quad when i'm away from home