Soliciters holding your money??

Discussion in 'Waffle' started by Catsel, Dec 9, 2009.

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    ive just found out that if a soliciter is holding any money for u over £1000.. you as the client, are entitled to the intrest :D

    cha ching for me (y)

    like GZero said.. you don't need a phd to understand law, check rules n regs here...

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    get this......if you rent your house/flat whatever. and the landlord hasn't put your bond/deposit in a protection scheme then your within your rights to take them to a small claims court who will award you 3 times the ammount of your bond to be returned to you by your landlord.

    £300 bond = £1200 return.

    obviously you don't try and do this unless your moving out because the landlord can easily pay it in to scheme and the judge MAY just let him off.

    but if it comes to the week you move outa a premises you could end up with a substantial amount of cash.

    if you didnt recieve a letter within 14 days of moving into your premises sayin the bond is in a protection scheme its probably not. this law has been in place since 2007 but because so little people know it rarely gets used.

    my landlord is a twat and i've got him by the balls. and i've not even dropped this bomb shell on him yet.