Software upgrade in 10 minutes >>>


This is Dog Fort
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sdm said:
Everything should be back online by 00:00 UK time.

Hold tight ;]
All done!

For those that are interested, fixes include:
  • External.php releasing private information in a specific situation
  • Strikes system causing problems with certain boards and proxies
  • Bug regarding case sensitivity in the searches and the search index
  • Last post of a passworded forum shown in parent forum
  • User ranks not showing in private messages
  • Several bugs relating to block height of code/php/html windows
  • BB Codes in PHP tags have inconsistent effects
  • Disabling attachment thumbnails and viewing inline attachments resets viewer's "show images" setting
  • Searching on the visibility of attachments not possible
  • No deletion reason when using "delete posts"
  • Fixed several instances where emails were sent in the wrong language
  • "No results" error on search now lets user know if any words were ignored
  • "Day of Week" calculated incorrectly for birthdays
  • Fixed various phrase problems
  • Removed assorted hardcoded text
  • Fixed assorted template bugs
If you come across any problems caused by this upgrade, please post them in this thread :spliff: