Sofie Letitre Remix Contest

So about a week ago Sofie Letitre posted a mixtape to introduce a remix contest for the track "Slip" and "Perfect Mistake"
Anyone planned on entering the contest ?

"in September of 2015 we released ‘Uncanny Valley’ including additional remixes. As a result, we got even more remix requests from many aspiring producers.
We are now looking at you to remix ‘Slip’ or ‘Perfect Mistake’ using the original parts. Let the stems inspire you and take the existing songs into fresh creative territory.
My band members and I will listen to all the remixes and pick one. Whoever wins, gets an official upload through ours and Division Recordings’ network. More info and details below.
- Deadline: June 1st.
- Send your remix to using a private Soundcloud link.

- Get the right URL by clicking the 'Share' button and copy the link from the first tab.
- Make sure download is enabled.
- Please do not resend tracks that are already submitted.
Creative Brief
- We are looking for remixes of the songs ‘Slip’ and ‘Perfect Mistake’.
- You must use at least one of the provided audio stems to be eligible.
- Do not include any material that you do not have the legal right to exploit.
- More plays or shares will not make your submission more likely to win.
Rights Management Details
You may not sell your submission, nor may you post it on another website if it includes copyrighted material you do not own.
Download Remix Parts "

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I did grab this last week following your post as I was considering trying to do another remix contest as it's been a while since I entered one. Actually I was searching for what was current the day before I saw this post. I think these sorts of tracks would translate quite well into deeper organic sounding DnB. If I do come up with something, I'll update progress in here. Did you get on it yourself?
Did anyone submit a remix? I just turned in a remix of slip. I like what I made but I don't expect to win.
I'm just done with my exams, didn't get time to submit anything unfortunately. I'd be interested to hear your remix, I think you can share it as they said "
More plays or shares will not make your submission more likely to win" in the rules so I guess it's okay to let people hear it... i'm not sure though :razz:


Yeah they actually responded a week ago saying sorry but your remix unfortunately did not make the cut. I know I could have done better but it was fun remixing it either way.

heres a link to my remix
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Hey guys! Does anyone happen to still have the stems for Perfect Mistake handy? Unfortunately they're not downloadable anymore and I was wanting to do a remix before my hard drive was wiped and now I can't get them back! Any help would be super appreciated!