Soek - February 2011, Digital Neuro (mainly) mix


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Jun 3, 2008
Just got Traktor going and since one of my needles is fucked, thought I'd have a go at some digital mixing, originally just made it so i had a new had a 320 mix CD [always gutted when i hear fresh dubs from a podcast at 128] in my car but I think a few of you might like it, open to download x

Need For Mirrors - Tilt
Cohere - Hydro
Spinline - Groove Scam
System - Near Miss
Mindmapper & June Miller - Quartz Controlled
Enei - Slow Motion
Nymfo - Headless Housefly
Spectrasoul - The Last Attempt
Alix Perez - Voices
Jubei & Alix Perez - Distrust
Skeptical - Cold One (Jubei Remix)
Spor - Stoppit
Icicle - Nowhere
Enei - Forgive Me
CLS - Cripplet Emotion
Octane & DLR - Seven
Apex - Nowhere to Run
Commix - I Have You
Sub Focus - Scarecrow
Calibre - Steptoe​
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