Socio recording?????


Laughter in the Slaughter
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Apr 21, 2003
Calgary, AB Canada
First off we need to give a Big shout out to the mathematics on a smokin 2003 year.

I read a couple articles about the mathematics last year
and each of these articles stated that the mathematics have a huge library of releses (and remixes) set, and ready to go. Either way, a whole bunch of these tracks are slotted for their new label Socio. My question is: Does anyone know why Socio didn't have a 2003 relese and if the label is going to happen or not in 2004?

If anyone knows any details of the mathematics new label called SOCIAL STUDIES, (not socio as i previously noted) i would really appreciate some more info. Like what distributor are they using. When is the first release. yada yada yada. If ya know fill me in>>>
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