Sobec -Tetrahedron


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Pads in the intro are evil man! Some more variation of synths wouldnt hurt the track and something I would like to hear is a bit more midrange power. But overall I think this is a really beasty tune!
I like it. :)
Dark neurofunk; I guess you like Billain a lot.

However, that bass could be a bit more "in your face"; so maybe you could increase the volume (or at least use volume automation for some parts) or try to boost the mids a bit as JimpaDirt already indicated. Other than that it's really good.

Maybe you could also try stereo widening the bass a bit and automate the bypass of the stereo widener. A lot of neurofunk seems to have certain elements of the bass panned right/left to give it additional movement. At least Billain seems to do it. ;)

Can you give any info on how you made your bass though? :) If you would like to talk a bit about Neurofunk (bassline) production feel free to PM me as it seems that we both are heading in the same direction.


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Haha yes I love listening to Billain.

And if I have time next week I'll see if I can whip out a tutorial and put it on youtube :).

What I usually do is have a really long note, go crazy with a LP filter, take all the good parts then render that into a new audio file, then cut up that reese sample even more, split the frequencies to 3 different channels with the sub 50hz being compressed a bit, midrange (now too compressed a bit so it sounds a bit more beefy like you guys said :p) and the high's having lots of effects on it like a phaser and a flanger, together with NI Driver and Guitar Rig.
Then back into a final group and compressed a bit more to glue it back together.

Seems to work for me!
Shooting a PM your way soon btw :).