SOALDLE "R Yeah / What The..." (SB 33)


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Mar 4, 2002
Since I haven't reviewed for a while and I'm on the reviews team I feel obligated to review something. While I haven't bought any new records in months I do have an extensive back catalog that I could give mention to.

Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era "R Yeah / What The..." (Suburban Base 33)

This is a real lovely record right here, probably because it was released in 1993. The tune "What The..." actually does not float my boat at all. Its a dark murky tune which lacks a good down beat. Its rhythm section is composed of a snare that fires at a rapid pace while pitching up now and again to add interest. The bass is very simmilar to what D'Cruze would use to a great extent latter on, a bubbling bass kick that changes pitch in a way that sounds rediculous. Also you can't forget the diva sample soaked in sadness "I can't stop the feelings that I feel inside". I suppose if this tune came out today it would be labeled as experimental. Not my bag but I give it an A for originality.

Now for the song which I payed ~30.00 for on ebay, "R YEAH"! This is a wonderfull tune soaked on happyness.... and 808 State "Pacific" refferences. Yes thats right, this tune uses the famous cords from "Pacific" which is what gives it that "WOW, everything is nice" vibe to it. The tune starts out with some tribal bongos, then some amen snares, and then full on into a nice amen sound. I must say for a 1993 tune the intro is pretty darn long, much like a modern DnB tune. The tune then breaks down into the Pacific strings and a vocal sample saying "Ohhh Yeah". As the tune kicks back into the rhythm section and the string kicks out the "Ohh Yeah" sample then reverses it self so it says "Yeah Ohhh" which is quite clever. Before the tune is over you get to hear the Pacific strings played in a different pattern which is still quite effective. I'm convinced there isn't a way to play the pacific strings that doesn't sound good. I must have heard over a dozen tunes that use the pacific strings and they all sound great. Lastly one of the great things about this tune is that its very fast which means you can play it with modern tunes by pitching it up to about +6.

Danny Breaks also has an important message to all his fans in the run off rings: "The Phantom Knob strikes again". He explained to me that when he was in High School he would draw penises on the chalk board before the teacher would arrive to drive him/her crazy. Its pretty stupid but the fact that this refference makes no sense to anyone but the people he went to HS with makes it amusing.:lol: Its a pitty the run off ring craze lost popularity as it was something I would look foward to seeing.

I rate this tune: 8/10
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