so you think your an mc time to put it to the test

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    Oct 10, 2006
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    hi to all you drum n bass heads is this what you have been waiting for
    my name is mc john ribs
    im looking for drum n bass mc's and singer male or female your flow must be
    Real tight you must be unknown with no contract as you will have to sign a
    Contract to be part of this I don’t need no primadoner as there will be a lot
    of hard work you must be free two nites a week all I will need is a short demo tape or cd no longer than 15/20 min's you can call me on 07984 989632 for address to send demo to and we can have a chat at the same time
    Please remember what I say YOUR FLOW MUST BE REAL TIGHT

    so bigup all junglist peace out budda be with you