so what u guys think?


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Right I have had a listen. Good track mate... there are a few bits I would personally do...

I think the main bassline sounds like its been filtered a bit too much... If you let the high frequencys out a bit more then it might make the bass sound a bit more growly and I think that would suit the track.

I think the snare could do with another layer, just something a bit snappy to bring it out to the front of the mix a bit more.

I would think about making the intro slightly shorter, but thats just my personal preference on this style of dnb.

I like the vocal sample over it, it suits the mood of the track.

Over all a nice tune you got going there mate.
Pretty good track, I'm really liking the subtle background noises, it gives the track a nice texture, the only thing I would say is the bass is sounding a little muddy and the snare sounds like it needs to be a bit more prominent. Apart from that, nice work.