So I've been asked to mix a Xmas song....

Hi guys, I do some work at a small recording studio and have been approached by someone to mix a christmas track that will be played on the radio. The reason why I'm posting is that I'm fairly new to mixing live music as opposed to just my own tracks and wanted to get any thoughts or suggestions you might have because I've never mixed : A) An Xmas track, and B) Have never mixed something that will be played on the radio.

As I'm sure you can imagine this is a fairly large opportunity for me and would love to brush up before I do it. The musical elements will be...

Drums and percussion
Bass- stand up (maybe)
Slide guitar
Lead Vocals
Backing Vocals

Any thoughts? I'm mainly wondering if I should treat the overall sound I'm looking for differently because it's being played on the radio. Also, when I learnt to mix I was shown how to get a really clean sound overall. As it's a Xmas track I'm wondering if they might want the overall track to have a "warmer" sound or some other frustratingly vague adjective, and if so, how should I vary my usual techniques?

Let me know, any help will be greatly appreciated!