so i don't know what to do with this?

Thin and crispy

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That bass is a bit relentless, doesnt feel like the track breaths, maybe put another bass in thats a little more stabby or gate the bass thats already in every 8 bars or so?


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This reese seems to overpower the mix a little bit too much, if you tamed it a bit then it would sound pretty cool in my opinion, small things like these make or break a track in my opinion, if you have a creativity block i suggest you do one of these : Always helps me:

a) Grab some new free VST's ( or buy something if you have money ) and just try to learn them, try to understand every nuance of them or something, sometimes you can get inspired like that out of nowhere. I've even got inspired off a compressor which colored the sound very nicely.
b) Take a synth, and start building a preset bank, i know this is is a long thing to do, but you'll learn so much and again.. very easily you can get inspired, i started building my Zebra 2.5 Preset bank in late july, and i must say most of the sounds you can hear in my tracks are in there, lovely stuff.
b) Beatbox something ;P
c) did you notice i have two b)'s?

Haha , such a short clip of a track though, hard to give any constructive feedback.