So..... Elzerk


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as fun as it is to pick on marklars, this is not about him. stop making everything about you marklars. elzerk care to comment on this particular issue?

i would really hate for it to be elzerk whos the melon trolls. that would suck. guess you get bored in finland and as an internet weirdo you can find solace in trolling intensely and its not that it was horribly difficult to manage, i mean theres a pretty much automatic function which is really neato thats like a few clicks and the account is banned, or so i hear, i mean i dont know how to do it, i need an adult if im gonna mod anything, but setting up 60 email accounts and registering is so... compulsive, just hell bent on annoying people. and thats when i start to wonder if we should ban people more and for no good reason. apply a more fes strategy. its not my idea of modding and having a good time on the internets but it fills a function, that it certainly does