So Bassnectar is going to be in town...

Discussion in 'UK Underground' started by T:M, Jan 20, 2010.

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    Bassnectar is going to be in doing a show here in April. It's an all ages show :D and tickets are going to be relatively cheap. I just have a few questions about him and his shows.

    1. Does he only play his material? From the videos I've seen he looks like he's an Ableton DJ and they have him playing his own stuff or songs I'm not familiar with.

    2. Am I correct in thinking that he plays out all sorts of stuff? The videos I've seen just feature him playing dubstep or similar stuff.

    3. Are his shows really everything people say they are?
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    I saw him once. He played a mix of Nuskool Breakbeat and dubstep. He played a bunch of fire... imo, he played too many rasta sounding vocal dubstep tunes, but for people who like those kinds of vocals, they'll be sure to enjoy his sets.

    His mixes were on point and he used a decent amount of your standard filter and edit type effects mid mix.

    Was a good show... if he's on a solid system, I'd go check him out.