So about that Bad Company reunion...


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Fresh didn't retire. Jesus fuck.

His words:

"To everyone who has experienced my music
I've decided to come off the road altogether after this year (Jan next year to be exact)
If you want to see me.. Come out to one of the gigs between now and then
It's time to begin the next chapter of my life.. And it's way overdue. Need to think about my health and life
Thanks so much everyone who has bought my records and supported my vision. Without you guys the music wouldn't exist.
I cannot continue to be part of this industry.. I hate everything about it. It's fake, soul destroying and promotes everything BUT experimentation and heartfelt emotion (which is what music means to me)
Long live Bad Company.
I just want to add that this is in no way related to my record label/labels who have all been fantastic (there are some good ones out there!)... Maybe one day I'll write a book, and explain it then"
He doesn't say anything about quitting music. Actually all he says is he won't be gigging any more after this year and he's going to start a new chapter, whatever that might be. He also says long live Bad Company and if he wants Bad Company to live, then I don't think he's planning on leaving.


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The way his retirement post is written indicates that he doesn't want to make pop music anymore. He's talking about "the industry", and I think Bad Company is separate from that and won't attract any of the grievances he has about his recent DJ Fresh work (I think he called it "soul-destroying")


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So what's with all the guys who said fair play to him for creating utter shite..
Because he could. Because he enjoyed it.

He obviously took some opportunities to branch out into something new and made the most of it, I'm sure he made some great cash as well as making music with artists he respects.

That doesn't mean the industry isn't shit, or that he didn't get screwed over.:


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I'd guessed he meant goodbye to 'DJ Fresh' and hello to Bad Company.

I'm also guessing his second time around cancer has made him think something along the lines of "do what makes you happy rather than being a slave to the corporate" ?


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anyone took part in the Let It Roll this year?

I am 90% sure Dbridge played some new BC dubs during his last 30 minutes of set.

Couple of great tunes, heavy and banging, but in an old fashioned way, not in the big room jumpupish modern neuronotsofunk style.

+ it was fucking great to hear Equilibrium on the proper soundsystem, and finally with the second drop! And the Prolix's remix of Oxygen teased with the nine.
Such a great set :)

I am sure they will release new material.
There's no rush.
And it is in some way their nod to the old times, Dbridge said few times in his interviews how he adores the dubplate culture, and lack of tracklists, etc :)