Sniper - "Kisum" (T-FREE003: free 320'mp3)

This tune is from December of 2004, and it will never come out on vinyl.
It has already been posted once, on a german board, but the old url is obsolete and little known - so here is the new url.
Everybody is free to download, share and mix this tune, and share mixes with the tune in it.

T-FREE003: Sniper - "Kisum" (320 kbps stereo mp3 - 07:35 min - 17.7 MB)

still online:

T-FREE002: amex/Sniper - "Electrohorse" (320 kbps stereo mp3 - 07:24 min - 17.3 MB)

T-FREE001: amex - "Egoschwein" (320 kbps stereo mp3 - 07:05 min - 16.6 MB)

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Locked now dude!!!
I am feeling the atmos on the intro man, deep tone it sets for the rest of the tune!!!
This is very psy-like in mt opinion, rolling synths that feel like they are merging and twisting with each other, the beat needs some more punch to it, maybe a few more layers on the snare and hi hats, just needs more drive man.
Also i would put some more beat edits in as it becomes a bit repetitive after a while and add some different perc to switch back and forwards from.
I like the concept on this , with a bit of work this could be a dark tech tune (kinda Cause for Concern:gpeace: )