Sneak Previe of forthcoming Odysee Recordings E.P.

Really like all of it musically !
The vocal samples in the first and second track seem a bit dominant though.
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My release schedule has been put back a little but the order is looking like..
1. Bewildered Remix/Bewildered
2. No Tomorrow Remix/No Tomorrow
3. Instant Vintage E.P.
4. Phaze1 Remix/Phaze1
5. T.B.C. (Probably Incoherent & something else for the B.side)
Oh. So it will probably take a while...
I thought forthcoming means like in four weeks or something.

Btw, i just had another listen of your Odyssey classics remixes on SC, and they are all superb !
A really nice blend of old and new. Thats quite a feat !

My release schedule has been put back a little...

Why is that ?
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@zeroec Thanks bro for checking them & for the compliment- it is indeed tricky to do them in a way that references all the emotion of the originals without spoiling them- and yet brings them into the 2017 style! I'm pleased with them, and seeing as both Jim SD & Tilla Mirage both really like them and approve- I reckon I've done good:)

Yeah sorry about the release schedule- got some tricky stuff I'm handling at the moment which has meant I've had to delay although with the MPO issues maybe that's a blessing in disguise as I'd have definitely been affected by that!!
Yes exactly that- I have the Bewildered 12 basically ready to press but my delays have come at the same time the MPO pressing plant have had some issues. I know Ben & Rick are going to have to send some of the Repertoire stuff back:( It's faulty!!
MPO gone to shit so everyone migrating to Vinyl Presents in England.

Be quick imo cuz soon Vinyl Presents will be overloaded.
I understand that you want to do it proper and oldskool, but its kind of an anachronism to have this music about the future, made on a powerful homecomputer with very advanced audio software, being delayed for months because of a retro listening format thats only for a few djays and fan collectors (lets not talk about hipsters here).

Arent all the big djays playing digital anyway ?

I really hope you gave the "Dubs" to all the cool djays who know, like Scotty, Storm and Ant TC1.

This music needs to be heard and celebrated !
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@zeroec In a lot of ways of course your point is a fair one....but I'm old school bro! If I put a tune out, I want it to be available on all the formats of choice, and theres a number of heads that want this kind of stuff on plate (myself included!!) With the Odysee Remix stuff it makes even more sense....have you see how expensive that stuff is on Discogs???? Argh!!!!
Very kind words about hearing and celebrating....oh and as for DJ's my list certainly includes Storm, add Jim Source Direct (obviously) DJinn, Randall and a few other people who I know are definitely going to spin this stuff:)
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