May 12, 2010
i have like 100 fucking snare packs but still i cant find a good sounding snare... grrr its pissing me off....where do u guys get ur snares from? or how do u make them??? thanks


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Jun 19, 2009
Denver, CO
you have to layer them. find one that has good low end you like and cut the highs out that you don't want. now add another that you like the mids or highs in and cut out what you don't want again. repeat until dirty.


Oct 31, 2008
key here is compression i find.... do as above, find a couple nice sounding snares, (using FL as example).
Route each snare drum to a seperate mixer channel, and EQ as above... or sometimes if u find sum good quality samples eq all from the same channel.

If you send them all to different channels, then send all them seperate channels to a "send" channel (again using fruity as an example) and put a compressor on it. I usually take the threshold down to about -15 - -20 db. put the ratio to 4:1:0 or maybe a bit higher... and then adjust the gain until its sounding sweet and punchy. And you should have a nice snare sound...

Hope this helped, il try explain in more detail using pictures and shit if u need. Im just about getting the hang of making sweet drums, still alot to learn when it comes to basslines and melodies and such tho :D

forgot to say, once you have added all the effects... add some slight distortion to the send channel to get it sounding a bit gritty, then bounce/resample, whatever you wana call it, then put it into your track


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Nov 2, 2009
for snares, like mostly everything its all about the right smaples to start with.

Try finding a snare with a nice 'body' to it, you can make this your main hit of the snare and I usually keep this main hit on a mono track. Try editing the envelope/fade out to make it a bit punchier. maybe a little distortion to taste, EQ to taste (usually i take a little out of the highs to make room for the second snare)
Then I usually add another snare with a hiss/white noisey type sound to it on a stereo track to give it a bit of width (but not alot) and take EQ out some of the parts where the first snare is hitting.

you could go on an add a bit of compression for more punch and distortion etc etc... but if youre already liking the sound of the snare then it's not neccessary. Just practice!

luciduk posted a real nice pack of snares a few months back, check it out

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Vengeance packs are good for snares. I find the trick is to layer a couple of snares, take the hi from one, and the low mids from another. Also, try cutting the tail off of snares to give them a more punchy impact.

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Nov 29, 2009
Horsham, West Sussex
yeah seconded on the vengeance packs, theres hundreds of high quality snare sounds in there, layering is important, for nice fat snares i normally use 2 snares and a clap layered together
also if you want your snares to sound nice and punchy look up parallel compression if you don't know what it is already, this works wonders for your whole drum beat and is really easy to do
other things like a touch of overdrive can help, also the schaak audio transient shaper plugin is really good for quickly and easily making drums more punchy


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Nov 11, 2009

This and sample selection is key. I don't like layering drums much, at most all you need to do is find a snare with nice body and weight then layer with something with the high end snap.

This sample pack has some nice snares, fantastic high hats, toms and cymbals. And some REALLY clicky kick drums, well it is a metal sample pack.


Feb 28, 2010
Bruges, Belgium
I've got the Vengeance packs,
I just highpass the snare at around 200 Hz and then Equalize until i like,
last few songs i only used one snare, Compressed to about ~32 Attack, 28 Release

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Mar 24, 2002
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Also remember that any drum hit has to be listened to in the context. Something that sounds very weak on its own might suit a complete mix very well, and also something that sounds BIG ASS PHAT SNAER PHACESTYLE might be too massive for anything other than mere drums & bass.


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Jun 25, 2004
Also remember that any drum hit has to be listened to in the context.

basically what i was going to contribute. :)
i'll add that creative sampling leads to unique sound. everyone knows the vengeance packs are popular; i would take that as a sign to stay as far away from them as possible personally.
i also find layering is frequently unnecessary if you know how to eq properly (which learning how to eq will help every aspect of a mix). that's not to say layering cannot be powerful of course.
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