SMASH BROTHERS - Crystal Clear & Rhythm Beater... The Dynamic Duo!!


After the massive success of the first release on his brand new imprint Cold Blooded Recordings, Crystal Clear returns for the second instalment. Teaming up with Cutterz Choice Rhythm Beater this dynamic duo is otherwise known as ‘Smash Brothers’, and when you listen to their first release you’ll instantly know why! Straying from the sound both of them are most widely known for this debut blows away any misconceptions that this label was going to be sticking to any sound or formula.

‘So Be It’ is a rolling slice of techno influenced funk that would slide into almost any prime time set. A cool, calm intro gradually builds with a catchy old skool riff filtering through before building up to a punchy, sub shaking drop.

‘Technofear’ takes things one step further and gets darker and dirtier than the flip. This one will have the Smash Brothers smashing holes in speakers wherever it’s played! Tight drums, low end stabs and a marching step to the bass means this is one militant piece of dancefloor ammunition!


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Both tracks are huge and bring some serious weight to the dancefloor. We have been rinsing out "So Be It" like a hot flannel.