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    A WAKE A WEEK - 'Little Black Cloud' [CD-Digipack]
    January 2009 - Spectraliquid SLQ006

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    A Wake A Week...do we never tire of these endless reruns of our grief? With this debut release from his new project, Dave Dando-Moore (Detritus) offers us an intensely composed symphony of unending sorrow. If Detritus is the debris of emotion, A Wake A Week is the tar-black residue still clinging like a parasite, clawing away at old wounds. Like ashes on celluloid, Little Black Cloud opens up a widescreen vista of sound, albeit sullied and decaying. Eschewing the polish and sterility that digital production can entail, the album embodies the crackle and spark of embers of a once-consuming fire, giving us an album that feels organic and alive. From the opening waves of "House", the listener will be submerged in cascades of suffocating, drowning synthesis. Capturing the very essence of heartache, each rumble and pulse pulls us deeper into a heart of darkness. Yet, there is beauty and hope shattering through this black firmament. Opening up the the instrumentation to such diverse timbres as neo-classical pianos, tranquilised guitar and the perfumed atmospherics of ethnic vocals, expectant warmth rises through the swathes of oppressive intensity.

    No artistic hubris is attempted here. This is as raw, open and confessional as music can get. Drawing comparisons with Max Richter, Deaf Centre, Johann Johannsson and The Protagonist, A Wake A Week will evoke cathartic exorcisms of woe in even the most glacial of hearts.

    January 2009. Available in deluxe CD-Digipack from Spectraliquid Records at: www.spectraliquid.com
    Sound samples: www.myspace.com/awakeaweek



    01. House
    02. Little Black Cloud
    03. I'm Always Writing Endings
    04. Your Rain Isn't My Rain
    05. Leaves
    06. One Take Away One
    07. Faerie Photo
    08. Beginnings And Endings
    09. Waking
    10. A Wake A Week


    Mastered by David Dando-Moore - www.myspace.com/awakeaweek, www.myspace.com/detritusdave
    Artwork by Kostas K - www.myspace.com/subheimmusic
    Photography by Kostas K and Katja - www.myspace.com/katjaspectraliquid

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