DnB Slow Release - Still Dark, a Little Light

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"Still Dark, a Little Light" - Loving the Piano. The Intro would not be fun for Mixing imo, it's way too abrupt and doesn't allow the DJ much room to breath. I like the patch you used for your Bass, but the riff isn't working for me. The Drums on the drop at 1:11 are also not working for me, way too manic sounding. It's like you made both your Bass and Drums super unorthodox sounding, and imo ending up creating a manic mess of sounds.... really cool sounds mind you, I just think the riffs are conflicting bigtime, not in key, but in rythm. 1:53 - 2:38 is my favorite section, I think that part works really well and sounds lovely.

I think the tune has a lot going for it... it's extremely creative, just not my cup of tea. I didn't want to answer, "no" because I think it has some good aspects to it. I'll enjoy my garlic bread now, thanks. ;)
agree with Protoplasym on so many things with "still dark,a little light" but the tune has potential, might skip the piano first 4 notes at the beginning and have just hats and let the piano blend in more natuarally....slow volume rise perhaps before the break ?

gets dissorted on few parts but sure its all about levels, keep up the good work
The kick could use more [presence but the sound design on the various distorted reese and bass elements is good. Also nice use of piano.
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