Slightly Awkward Rave


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its some kind of churchy thing isnt it? theres another churchy rave packed with girls only and everyone doing the sanctioned dance, which was a slight twitch of the hip, arms forward, hands like youre about to shake hands with someone and then wiggle them back and forth as if you were saying "mmmm it was so-so", here ill see if i can find it. right i checked, i cant find it.

theres this christian camp kids go to here in holland, and im pretty sure most countries in northen europe have their own equivalent, that when you go there,
what commonly happens is a group psychosis, lots of religious experiences, catatonic panics, out of body experiences,
its really weird, but i think its to do with indoctrination basicaly, and heres the thing,
when you go through something like that, you need comfort so what do you turn to? with no family or food or drugs around?
sex! everyone who ever went there had sex, its like a fuck farm for teenagers,
and what with their new found religion (lasts around a week or so and then gets classed as a hazy wtf experience in the brain) have to come home to
their girlfriend or boyfriend and confess to infidelity, and scar that person for life with a shit relationship.

its even so known that people beg their partners not to go, because you know for a fact they will fuck someone else up there.
curious i know, i got another even weirder story about that place. but thats not for now.