Slider & Expose - Clausura MMXX | Diffuse Reality Records - 1st December


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Apr 1, 2012
Kingston upon Hull

Slider & Expose - Clausura MMXX

1. Maniac with Egotistical Tendancies
2. Be With Me (Talia's Theme)
3. 3reedom Fight (featuring Clima)
4. Mad Psycho 'Delics'
5. Charging the Pickets
6. I wanya next to me (Please don't cry)
7. The Button press (Nuke)
All tracks written & Produced by Slider & Expose
CD / Digital & Streaming
track.1 Guitars courtesy of T.Park
track.3 featuring Clima
Diffuse Reality 2020

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2020 is nearly at an end of a very strange year, on the upside
Slider & Expose have conceived, written & produced a mini album during the lockdown.
The duo felt it was the time to let their inner feelings out.
Clausura MMXX (Lockdown 2020) starts with the contentious

'Maniac with Egotistical Tendencies' with its deep and delicate violins, epic guitars (courtesy of the duos father)
and sound bites from the man no longer in power, this is a stunning introduction that leads you into

'Be with Me' which not unlike its predecessor, follows on with immeasurable deep and profound class.
Laying down the canvass with it's 808 bass thumps and heavenly piano, the profound vocal calls for you
to be 'free' and 'if you wanna be with me' but we know we can't until the world can be at one.

'3reedom' is all we're asking for the vocal hopes on track 3, alongside Spanish duo Clima they lay down
a dubbed out bass laden foundation. the kicks and tribal percussion want you to become all encompassing
as the dread vocals wrap you in

'Mad Psycho Delics' brings down the pace and drops some musical acetic onto proceedings.
A trip down the rave like years when we was last at some sort of a war against the establishment,
30 years have passed but the establishment still needs to understand we want to dance.

'Charging the Picket'
was written against the backdrop of the BLM marches which was highly charged.
The bass wobbles in tune with fluctuations of police brutality, the skit like snares hit you in the chest and takes
you to an aggressive mind state for all injustices

'I wanya Next to Me' follows on with the halfstep dubbed flavours.
The dub trumpets call to arms and shouts from the rooftops, the build is gradual, the response
is instant, please don't cry asks the vocal.
The bass strikes you square on the solar plexus, reminding you to take a breath away from
all the madness that we are caught up in.

Concluding this piece of work is 'The Button Press (Nuke)' taking influences from 80s sci-fi soundtracks, this
silicon theme builds up intensity, waiting on the mad Dictator to press the red bottom, but will he?
Who knows.....

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