Slick - Credence (W.I.P-Liquid)

Didn't quite all sit together right yet. I couldn't quite decide if the snare was ok or if it was pissing me off, a bit dry, a bit lonely in the mix.

Apart from that it was nice, good WIP.
my favorite part of tracks are basslines, and I liked how this one flowed along...keep the bassline in the WIP...Also nice little touch how ya filtered down the break at parts. Seemed to fit the style of the track in some ways if that makes sense, heh. That's my amatuer opinion on the tune bro. keep at it! pz & respect
hay man jus had a listen on myspace cos sound cloud tried to make me sign up. the bass is nice an full, and i love the start - very unusual but interesting. think it drops a bit quick tho, would make a bit more an intro imo. the drums sounds nice to me, very liquidy, would maybe be nice to hear some bongos or like a low-mid frequency layer of drums, just to vary a bit after a while. other than tht nice job bro feelin this!
Nice one lads appreciate the feed! Just workin on an intro as i litrally pieced that intro together just for the clips sake, nice one bout my mixdowns, hopefully wen i get some monitors i can really improve!
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