SLaY - Judgement Day [set]


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May 4, 2004

This is my first set so I'm waiting for your comments and suggestions. Please tell me my mistakes so I won't make them next time ;]

SLaY - Judgement Day [52.6 MB]


1.Rawthang - Scorned
2.Dom + Roland - Dynamo
3.Tool - Disgustipated (Gridlok Remix)
4.Dom + Optical - Quadrant 6 (E-Sassin Vip)
5.Dieselboy & Kaos - Barrier Break
6.Pendulum - Vault
7.Technical Itch - Soldiers VIP
8.Dylan - Headcharge
9.D.Kay - The Martians
10.Eye D - Unicorn MF (Black Sun Empire Remix)
11.Architex - Funk Odyssey

Total time 46:23

P.S. It sounds better with lots of volume =]]]
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