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Mar 15, 2007
raglan, nz
finally back on the internets, been listening to a lot of records. i was well chuffed to see skynet releasing some dnb again, must have been two years since i last bought a skynet 12. and i have to say really like some of the tracks. serpent is dutty. what a legend this guy is. missing soul as well, what a great techy roller. many folks making techstep can't get that dancefloor vibe into their tunes, but skynet can do it without trying.

i'm just pleased to see him back from making dubstep. i think, like me he's realised the dubstep bubble has burst and it ain't ever gonna be the kind of music dnb is. the only way for dubstep to go now is main stream and that's what gonna kill it.

skynet, good to have you back* :cowbell:


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Mar 8, 2003
between a low hum and a high whine
absolutely. we had a thread recently about serpent.
Skynet is one of the darkest funksters around, no doubt. since he went solo, his stuff have been going from strength to strength. his dubstep was a bit weak, but gotta forgive him when he came out with monsters like "Broken Law", "Rope Trick", "headthump" and "Acid Drops".


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Aug 8, 2007
Yeah Serpent is the boooom, made a thread on it other day

meant i had to change my tunes namefrom Serpent to Serpentium haha DAMN!!
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