Skrein “The Eat Up” Dented Records


Its all a scam so start stealing
VIP Junglist
Skrein has earned the respect of many on the UK Hip Hop scene and it shows when you read all the special guests who represent on the album. Forgein Beggars, DrSyntax, Dubbledge all spit twisted feature. Dealing with all kinds of subject matter, the LP kicks off with “Where it All Started” a sentimental look back at youth and the vibe that got Skrein into the scene he is now in. Solid cuts from Jabba the Cut, and heavy production from Dyversity. “Bastard Like” examines the common observation that women seem to favour men who treat them badly. “Raise Your Glasses” is a drinking anthem, Skrein style.
Clever lyrical twists come in the form of “Reign in Blood” with the Foreign beggars, where a young blud is being pressured into doing crimes. It turns out the one doing the pressurising is the young blud himself. How true !
Its not all clever lyrics there are some seriously heavy rhythms to back up the extensive vocabulary. This is one heavy LP.