Skream, Benga, N-Type, DJ Hatcha playing this one?


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Now that i got your attention forum heads :)

this trail blazer might be up your street for real!
Dubstepper's / DnB check out the nastiness on the 'Dutty Funk' Mix. UKG Heads, go for the 'UK Inner City Mix'

“Dancehall Funk” extended audio samples right here!

And check the response, The UK & Music heads around the world are certainly feelin it!


Booker T
lovin the tracks full support big tunes

Lady Duracell (Push FM)
Quality release - Original O2 Re-Work is the one for me.. and just in time
for the weekend!

Liam Dart (ADJ4LIFE Productions)
Nice work bro! Love the club mix

Smokin Bubblin B (Flex FM)
I love this track, the mix for me is the inner city mix 9/10! will be supporting on radio & in club, it has a proper garage vibe!

Scott Diaz (Solo Traxx)
Solid production on all mixes, which is what I would expect from Andy.
The Dutty Funk Mix is cool, nice hybrid of house and speed garage with a dubstep bassline, that's probably my favourite.

Mike Fossati (Spirit Of House)
Many thanks for sending the promo. You can find the review here:
Spirit Of Review (July 2011): Click Here

Franco Martinelli (
Nice idea to mix the dancehall style with soulful house, the result is a fresh and sun drenched track for the summer. Holder's Club mix is my favourite version.
Support and review guaranteed. Review (July 2011): Click Here

Christian Alvarez (Delecto Records)
Some cool mixes in there Andy. nice release.

DJ Jolie
All tracks are great and all in your 'Andy Holder Style'. You can definitely tell that you have found your sound now.
They certainly work on the dancefloors.

Leon Hype (Hype Radio)
loving the 02 rework mix, much appreciated will give the tracks lots of airplay
Hype Review: Click Here