Skitty & Morphy [FDX002] + Loxy, Ink & Equinox [FDX002D]!

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    Skitty & Morphy [FDX002] + Loxy, Ink & Equinox [FDX002D]!


    Skitty does it yet again with another pure fire slice of future jungle pressure.
    Foundation X has already gained huge support from the dubplate elite lucky enough
    to have access to the armory which has already seen the first release flying off
    shelves world wide.
    With the label owner taking care of the flip side you know you are in for a treat when
    "Dublin" opens up with some sinister string cuts which build up to a huge bass break
    down that drops the track into an onslaught of trademark Foundation X breakbeat madness.
    Following up on the double A side newcomer Morphy draws out a track that has been getting
    some serious attention. "Put down ya gunz" lashes out some speaker damaging Blines with
    clean breaks making for a perfect balance to the 12".
    DJ support from Bailey, Randall, DJ Vapour, Skitty and Nolige


    - FDX002 -

    A - Skitty - Dublin

    AA - Morphy - Put down ya gunz

    Available in:

    Skitty's "Foundation X" imprint is making quite a stir on the underground at the moment,
    and this latest EP sees them enlist some high proflie names from the scene, such as Loxy & Ink,
    and Equinox. With the label now available via a number of different stores,
    we felt it right to re release "Bad It Up" for those that may have missed it first time around.
    Pure Black DnB at its finest, dont miss out!

    - FDX002D -

    01 - Skitty - Bad It Up

    02 - Skitty - Doctor Doctor

    03 - Equinox - kill Ah sound

    04 - Loxy Feat Ink - Artical


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    Keynote music management
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