Skitty ccpar Podcast Febuary 2014


Skitty tells us that

"I have recently fell back in love with the pre and post millennium vibes, listening to producers such as Bad Company,Stakka and Skynet, Kemal & rob Data, Ed Rush & Optical, Cause 4 Concern, all that type of stuff. It still sounds fresh and vibrant to this day, so ive been taking an awful lot of influence from those guys and also producing Techno under my BrukRode alias has opened me up to Techno music like never before.Dj's like Marcel Dettman, Ben Klock and that whole Berghain/Ostgut Ton sound have helped inspire for the past few years,and i think that comes across in my recent output"

Tracklist: 1.Skitty - AX - Dutty Audio
2.Glyphic - Calm Before The Storm Vip - Dub
3.Skitty - Triple Trip - Dub
4.Gridlok - What I Like - Dub
5.Skitty - Point Blank - Dub
6.Bad Company - Digital Nation (Hickmans Theme) -BC Recordings
7.Skitty - Angels Of The Night - Dub
8.Deoda - Acid - (Friction Rmx) - Under Pressure Recordings
9.Skitty - Limits - Dub
10.Matrix & Fierce - Climate - Metro Recordings
11.Skitty - Klock - Dub
12.Raiden -Rust - Dub
13.Skitty - Static - Dub
14.Skitty -1 Norty - Dub