Skitty "10 steps" [horizons music] limited promos in shops now!

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by neilmonteiro, May 29, 2005.

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    Skitty is one of the most exciting upcoming producers on the circuit at the moment. 10 Steps was a tune originally signed to Metalheadz, but now that he has passed Goldie something new he is keen to get this out quick, and we are lucky to be next in line. Apart from the Metalheadz releases Skitty has forthcoming releases on Loxy's label Karma, Hardware aswell as a 12" on bassbin this year.

    10 steps is an anthem, intricate production and is a tune you can really get lost in. As you can imagine "10 steps" has already received much plate play including GOLDIE + BAILEY and its emergence on vinyl is definitely going to cause a stir.

    On the flipside is something completely fresh - Breaking rules is a dark intoxicating ride, and this tune's seething bassline has the right kind off funk that will move feet...

    Skitty is going to be a regular artist on Horizons music, and a second 12" is already planned. Skitty's dj work has taken off aswell and soon we will see him up and down the country, turning heads.
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    Big Up to Horizons and Skitty!