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    Hello all , Hope everyone is well , We have taken this new mix from out podcast page and it's mixed by none other than the jungle don Gappa G.

    It's no trouble if you do not have a ipod or iphone as the mix can be downloaded from our podcast page or streamed

    You can also find the mix on out myspace/podbean player

    Hello and welcome back to the Skimrok Podcast Collection.

    Taken from our podbean page...

    After a little break from the podcast collection skimrok are proud to be back with volume 4 , And this time around we bring none other than the jungle don GAPPA G in for a mix.
    Gappa G & hyper hypa made some of the biggest jungle tracks in the early 90’s , Tracks such as Information Centre , Feel like a king , Junglist greatest hit feat. Tippa ire and Crucial Robbie were just a few of the tracks that smashed the raves up and down the country in the early days of the jungle scene.
    Junglist greatest hit was featured in a channel 4 film called ‘New Town Boys’ which was written by mark staker who was Gappa G’s manager at the time , Back in 1994 ‘Information Centre was remixed by Busy B , Flex , Dj Hype , Dj Ron , and Ray Keith and in 2009 the track got two fresh reworks , One from Bladerunner and the other from Serum and both of the mixes have been killing the dancefloors of late and has got Gappa G back on it , So expect to see the man himself playing around the country and beyond real soon.
    And word is he will be back on production real soon so keep your eyes open and ears alert for any new Gappa G material in 2010/11
    Gappa G drops 23 tracks in this modern jungle mix , Tracks and remixes from the likes of Serum , Bladerunner , EvilQuest , Total Science , Dexcell , Jenna G , Lenzman and many more.

    Thanks for your time and support

    Skimrok HQ

    Track listing below..

    1..EvilQuest - Gutter jungle (Skimrok)
    2..EvilQuest - Good love (Mix&Blen Dub)
    3..EvilQuest - Spooked(Dub)
    4..EvilQuest - Put down the gun (Mix&Blen Dub)
    5..Gappa G & Hyper hypa - Information Centre - Serum Remix (Dub)
    6..Shookz - Run and hide (Skimrok Dub)
    7..Lenzman ft Riya - Bittersweet
    8..Jenna G - Just hold on - Serum Remix (Dub)
    9..Overdrive - Roughneck (Dub)
    10..EvilQuest - To be free (Skimrok Dub)
    11..Serum & Bladerunner - Hustle & Flow (Dub)
    12..Marcus Visionary - Don’t care
    13..Flatliners - Autumn (Dub)
    14..J Bostron - Mash dem down (Dub)
    15..DJK - Base 2 Dark Remix
    16..Total Science ft Riya - Testimony
    17..Top Cat & Serum - No sensi today
    18..EvilQuest - Can you hear me (Mix&blen Dub)
    19..Criminal Sound - Give it too you
    20..Niceness - Hurb (Dub)
    21..Kenny Ken - Ragga Rave - EvilQuest Remix (Mix&blen Dub)
    22..HLZ-Skate (Dub)
    23..Dexcell - Disturb the peace (Skimrok Dub)
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