Skimrok News (Jammo/Malfoy/EvilQuest and more)

Oct 11, 2008
Hello all at dnb forum, heres the latest news of forthcoming projects here at skimrok project1..

Forthcoming Vinyl

First off we would like to welcome jammo to the skimrok project1 gang.
We are waiting for the tp's to arrive of jammos debut release on skimrok project1 ,
audio can be found of jammos track Usual alternative at
Or audio of both sides of the release can be found on jammos myspace page (Check him out the boys got talent)

SKIM007 - Jammo - Usual Alternative / Trouble maker (Promo late 2008)

Skimrok Digital projects..

Well next up on skimrok digital label co-owner / manager gets nasty with his latest track No room in hell.
Audio can be found on the evilquest myspace page
and soon to be added to the skimrok page.

SKIMDIG002 - EvilQuest - No room in hell

Also we are releasing a digital remix e.p late 08/09 (date t.b.c)
the track listing looks a little like this...

EvilQuest - Never Seen (Jammo Remix)

Malfoy - Bravestar (Gilbino's Dubstep Relick)

Jammo - Usual Alternative (EvilQuest Remix)

EvilQuest - Shark (Dj T Remix)
Theres is no audio of the above tracks as of yet as they are still all under production , but as soon as there is your be the first to know.

Also there will be more remixes coming out next year of malfoys pureblood , we are taking out time in choosing the right producers for the job.......Watch this space


SKIM006 - Malfoy - Pureblood / Bravestar (EvilQuest Remix)

SKIMDIG001 - EvilQuest - Never Seen

Other Skimrok News..

Here at skimrok project1 HQ it can get a bit lonely as we have a very limited number of staff , So we have invited 'Neil Badboy' to join the team to make tea and run to the shop for supplies
Nah but on a serious level he cant make tea as he cant be trusted
So neil will be apart of the team promoting the skimrok sound online/in his sets/on the forums and much more,we might even get him a car sticker made
So a warm skimrok welcome for the one and only neil badboy , we have been told hes a pretty good dj as well
So welcome neil and jammo , two new lambs to the slaughter..

Thanks fot your time

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