Multi Genre Skelic - Protective Measures (mix) [FREE DL]

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New Member

I'm new here, just registered, so yeah.. This feels kind of awkward but it is basically a link to my mix.

Okay, emm, the mix ain't the typical dnb but a subgenre of it; darkstep. And it goes even further. I call this style scifistep. Fast, rough, alienish soundscapes.

I hope it's hard enough to crack your skull ^^ Trying to spread it a bit. Give it a listen, thumb, subscribe, spread it, comment, critique - all are welcome.

Here's the Youtube link:

And here's the Soundcloud-link: (downloadable from here)

PS. I'm trying to find labels who could be interested signing some tracks from me. I have previously released stuff on Tilt Recordings, Noisj, Kovaydin (finnish label), Black Hoe Recordings and a few others. Thanks in advance!