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| SILENCEGROOVE | Selection Process 1 is now avaiable to download!

Silence Groove a young talented producer, hailing from Poland lives a double life musically and it`s one we can all enjoy. He started to collaborate with Skeletone and they released their first EP `Love You Lose` on Soul Deep Recordings .
Soon after they became members of Tunes with the `Touching Midnight` EP with huge support from the whole Bassdrive.comfamily, the worldwide drum and bass radio station. In 2012 Silence Groove signed his first EP on Offworld Recordings called `Eat Me Softly` which became one of his most interesting releases that year. His first vinyl release in collaboration with Skeletone as well as with HumaNature took place in 2013 under the title `Calling For You EP` on Fokuz Recordings

Enjoy the mix!
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