Skankandbass Drops - #3


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This is the third mix from my new series entitled 'Skankandbass Drops', showcasing plenty of forthcoming Regal releases and tunes that I'm feeling right now. For bookings please contact SA Management:

To quote Kasra, "There are some little imperfections here and there, I like that. It gives it some personality." - Enjoy!


1 Mind Vortex - Hotbox - Ram
2 Spor - Kingdom - Lifted
3 Sigma - Front To Back - Life
4 Break - Breakfast - Ram
5 Cyantific - Infinity - Ram
6 Spectrasoul - Alibi (Break Remix) - Critical
7 Matrix & Chords - Hypnotize - Metro
8 Rollz - Capture Me - Pilot
9 Drumsound & Bassline Smith - WCYDFM
10 Wilkinson - Tonight - Ram
11 The Prototypes - Cascade - Infrared
12 Emile Sande - Daddy (Cyantific Remix)
13 Crystal Clear & Zen - Bullet - Playaz
14 Ad Gannon - Bad Trip - Regal Records
15 Culture Shock - Protection - Ram
16 Smooth - Cosmos - Viper
17 Exel - The Hitcher - Regal Records
18 TC - Psycho - Don't Play
19 State of Mind - Ronal Reagan - SOM
20 The Qemists - Stompbox (Spor Remix)
21 BTK - Drop It - Dutty Audio
22 Dub Motion - Lucifer - Regal Records
23 Logistics - Rattlesnake - Hospital
24 June Miller - Snapcase - Modulations
25 Break - Framework - Symmetry
26 Rene LaVice - Headlock - Ram
27 Octane & DLR - Back In The Grind (Cerbs & Dabs Remix) - Dispatch
28 Subwave - Aeeeh - Metalheadz
29 Hyroglifics - Tape Marauders - Regal Records
30 Dimension - Revolution - Regal Records
31 Culture Shock & Brookes Brothers - Rework - Ram
32 Logistics - Cosmonaut - Hospital
33 Smooth - Calling - Viper
34 Ad Gannon - Sentient - Regal Records
35 BTK - Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) - Demand
36 Culture Shock - Bad Red - Ram


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heh, a bit uncreative though (mind vortex went from kingdom to hotbox on their d&btv live set). top notch mix none the less

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heh, a bit uncreative though (mind vortex went from kingdom to hotbox on their d&btv live set). top notch mix none the less
It's not entirely uncreative, Seb might not have watched that episode and thought to himself 'hmm, this'll sound sick'.

Which it does. As does the rest of the set. Good work (y)


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Kingdom - going together very well, would have started myself straigthly with Kingdom tho, anyways proper intro, straight into the business
Front To Back - sick! brought in perfectly, absolutely killing it after the drop
Breakfast - nicely done, personally I prefer Breakfast dropped with some techy or deeper stuff, but it was ok like that as well
Infinity - didn't like the way how quickly was Breakfast driven out of the mix tbh, this tune's a killer nevertheless!
Alibi (Break Remix) - wicked, went off
Hypnotize - yes yes yes, been doing this blend myself, fucking hell!
Capture Me - yeah cool
What Can You Do For Me? - love this cheese
Tonight - yeah, that's wicked, I can imagine this going off on the dancefloor
Cascade - nice, again "bitches screaming" business for sure
Daddy (Cyantific Remix) - getting back on track, well played
Bullet - yeah that's nice!
Bad Trip - nice tune, mixed well
Protection - fucking nice, loved this transition, well done man!
Cosmos - changing the mood, heavy!
The Hitcher - wicked tune, came in a little bit unexpectedly tho
Psycho - wow that's sick!
Ronald Reagan - tightening the mix up, lovely!
Stompbox (Spor Remix) - headbanging business, this tune never gets old
Drop It - proper sickness, big mix!
Lucifer - yeah nice
Rattlesnake - wicked mix, love that bassline shots in Rattlesnake
Snapcase - sick as expected, well done EQ'ing those drums!
Framework - not bad, wouldn't drop these two together myself tho
Headlock - yeah that's sick! loving those switches
Back In The Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix) - wicked, proper skanky
Aeeeh - interesting, changing the mood nicely
Tape Marauders - deeeeeep! loving this!
Revolution - can't wait for this tune, obviously you've signed some pretty good stuff lately mate!
Rework - wicked, wicked, wicked! love this tune and teasing it over Revolution sounds just so good!
Cosmonaut - a bit of a rebirth this tune is having right now, hearing it alot in different mixes, lovely blend!
Calling - pure sex
Sentient - didn't like that switch tbh
Things I Do (Spectrasoul Remix) - yeah that's really wicked
Bad Red - serious! banging blend, that's how you end such a mix!

Yeah mate, that's a really heavy mix you have there. Loved the most of it, definitely something I would go nuts on the dancefloor, so well done!
Just coming to the end of the mix now, some really good mixes in there and heard some exciting regal stuff.
IMO it wasn't as good as #2 but still very good big ups