Sirus - Fluid Motion 11


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Instra:Mental - Fist Level 2B
CMX feat dBridge - Tesserae
Clarity - Counting Hours
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Triffidz
MTWN - Microcosm
Foreign Concept & Stray - Bang It
Om Unit & Sam Binga - Electric Riddim
Survey - Away
Hysee - Macerate
dBridge & Skeptical - Move Way
Calibre feat Chimpo - Again VIP
System - Sound Man
Dub Phizix - Happy 5
Chimpo - All Over
Need For Mirrors - Voltaire
Friske - Venture
Es. Tereo - Junction 12
The Rampage - Ignitiate
Dabs feat MC Kwality - Skull & Bones
Om Unit - Sleepwalkers
Craggz & Parallel - Metal Plate
Ulterior Motive feat Peta Oneir - Forgiven
Total Science - Hush Ya Mouth
Klute - Take A Breath (Invaderz VIP)
Future Cut - Whiplash (Verb Remix)
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The Watcha

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Tracklist looks quite nice.

Took a while for Tesserae to come in to Fist Level 2B, the second half of the tune actually. I liked that the mix with those 2 stayed in for a fair while to compensate for that. Counting Hours was quite an abrupt cut, but nice to see that appearing in a mix again. The way Triffidz built with the melodic elements and percussion in Clarity's tune was wicked. Fav mix so far, really like those 2 tunes on their own anyhow :) Triffidz almost played all of its outro before Microcosm dropped.

The additional off kilter beats of Bang It really chopped into the beats of Microcosm a treat. Enjoyed hearing those two coming together, just would have liked to hear Microcosm stay in from the drop of Bang It. Just personal preference. The tribal bounce of Electribe Riddim was sounding nice, leading up to the double drop with Bang It, but Bang It was cut from the mix right at the good bit. Away would sound really nice with Kid Drama's One 6 Eight by the way.

Start Again vip sounded nice off the back of Move Away, where that switched mix worked wonders with the pounding impact of Start Again vip. Liking the additional vocal gasp that denoted Soundman entering the mix, bouncing nicely with Start Again vip, for another switched mix. Happy 5 bringing more bouncy vibes to Soundman, keeping the former tune in for a wicked mix. Very pleasing hear All Over in your mix too.... has to be the first members mix I have heard that in and still sounds very fresh.

Really nice mix man. Fair few bits in there were my cup of tea. Seemed to be more podcast orientated in parts, with regard to letting loads of each tune play out. Few coarse cuts when taking tunes out, but on the whole everything flowed and was tightly mixed..... very 'fluid' indeed.

Would appreciate if you can return some thoughts on my Beats & Bass 5 mix, which is due to drop over the weekend. Should have some bits in there which are up your street, going by the tracklist of this mix. Ez