***SirReal - The abSOULute Mix (non d&b) SYNKRO.JOY-ORBISON.MJCOLE.DEADBOY.


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Aug 6, 2009
South London
One of the main purposes for buying Serato was to mix other genres. I’ve been a big fan of future garage and have finally put together something I’m happy to share with the World. Summertime vibes...if you’re not sold just think my drum and bass mixes but at 135BMP instead...enjoy!

Stream - http://soundcloud.com/sirreal/sirreal-the-absoulute-mix-non#play

Download - http://soundcloud.com/sirreal/sirreal-the-absoulute-mix-non/download

Makoto & Kathy Brown – Expression
MJ Cole – Hawaii
Icicle – Redemption feat Robert Owens
Synkro – Everyday
Geroge Fitzgerald – Don’t you
Jacques Greene – Another Girl
Joy Orbison – BRKLN CLLN
Geroge Fitzgerald – Painted Jezebel
Synkro – Mind Set
Julio Bashmore – Around
Deadboy – Wish U were here
Doc Daneeka – Hold On
MJ Cole – TGV
Joy Orbison – The shrew would have cushioned the blow
MJ Cole - Sincere


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Jun 10, 2008
Seriously? I'm the only on this?

Man, you outdid yourself with this one. I know this isn't your normal kind of mix, but you did such an amazing job carrying the soulful, rolling vibe of these tunes throughout the entire mix that it makes it seem like you've been doing this forever. I already loved MJ Cole but I'm gonna have to cop a ton of George Fitzgerald tunes now. Everything flowed really well, transitioning between genres perfectly while maintaining this awesome vibe. I absolutely cannot recommend this highly enough, and it will probably be stuck on the iPod indefinitely.

Big ups to you, this could be your finest work yet. And everyone who loves anything soulful should be on this immediately.
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