***SirReal presents the Calibre VS Lenzman mix


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These are my two favourite artists. Calibre has been around for some time now, but Lenzman has really made his mark too. I wanted to do a mix that showed off their talents and felt the tunes worked really well with each other.

Pretty dam happy with the result, if it sounds a bit strange on the Be there break down it's becasue i had to pause the mix for dinner.

So enjoy please leave feedback, good, bad or ugly and check all my other mixes out at www.soundcloud.com/sirreal


dnbshare - http://dnbshare.com/download/SirReal-CalibreVSLenzman.mp3.html

Calibre feat Diane Charlemagne- Bullets
Madman and Poets - afraid of Jazz (Lenzman rmx)
Calibre - What i feel
Lenzman - Last days on earth
Calibre - Kiya
Total Science - Soul patrol (Lenzman rmx)
Calibre - Why Time
Lenzman - Respiration
Calibre - Be there
Lenzman - Caught up
Calibre - Peso
Lenzman - Little Brother
Calibre - V-Neck
Lenzman - Emeralds
Calibre - Late night squeeze
Lenzman - Way back when
Calibre - Second Sun
BCee - Glitterballs (Lenzman and Redeyes rmx)
Calibre - Like it is
Lenzman - Bright Lights
Calibre - Corner dance
Lenzman - Sugar Hill
Calibre - Got to have u
Lenzman - Memory Loss
Calibre - You could dance
Lenzman - Ever so slightly
Calibre - Hold you back (jah)
Lenzman - Lose you
Calibre feat DRS - Hustlin
Lenzman - Lonely Heart
Calibre - Mr. Right On
Lenzman - String City
ZeroT feat Steo - Refusal (Calibre rmx)
Lenzman - Bear Trap


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all these complains yeah, i tried my best to fit in the tunes that sounded right.

Hope you enjoy
Reading back i sound well aggy, i was going for the sarcastic approach but it didn't come across.

There was a lot of trial and error and i left out quite a few personal favs but felt the otehr tunes sounded better in the mix


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last bump on this one, managed to find it's way on to a Russian dnb arena an rack up just under 500 downloads, so what are you waiting for if you haven't already! Download links at the top