*!*-SirReal - It'soul Good Summer mix - Calibre, Lenzman, Maktoto, Eveson,, Mutt


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Brand new mix, with some brand new tunes and few oldies just becuase they still sound so good.

Tried to keep the mix in key as it makes for a much smoother listen, overall pretty happy with the result. As
ever i would love feedback good, bad or ugly...

If you're feeling it please check my www.soundcloud.com/sirreal for all miy other mixes


Saburuko and Brother - In Control
Calibre - Is it U
BCee - Glitter Balls
Random Movement and Focus - Scarlet Trouble
Lenzman - Sugar Hill
BCee- Cultural Shift
Alix Perez - This is how
Maktoto - And i love her
Calibre - All the while
Fat Freddy's Drop - Cray's cray (A.I remix)
Eveson - Natural
Alix Perez - Crown City
Eveson - Crying Version
Random Movement - Till Doomsday
Mutt- It's pouring once again
Eveson - Deeper Still
Lenzman - Memory Loss
Random Movement and Mixmaster-Doc - Rattle System
Calibre - Filter Tune
Syncopix - So in need
Sabre feat JennaG - NYC
Calibre - Life
Marcus Italex - Princess Warrior
Makoto - Sentimental Moods
Eveson - Lucid
Calibre - Why Time
Total Science - Soul Patrol (Lenzman rmx)
Spectralsoul - Alibi (Break Rmx)
Cyantific - Empty Streets

Yorkshire Tony

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looking good man! struggles to find ya with the new user name!

Will deffo be on this, always enjoy your shows..... big up the Disfunktional crew!

DJ Sloof

aka Sloofman :)
yes yes mr real! enjoyin ya tunes man especially the new soulful mix on your sound cloud :)
i like the way you aint afraid to mix the old with the new
thats the tip i'm on...
good drum and bass is timeless
Peace out from DJ Terra Ganjee


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CHeers Ben, was a good night. Anymore in the pipe line?

Also does your girlfriend have that dubstep mix she did saved as an mp3?

@ DJ Terra Ganjee thanks for listening, all about throwing in some older tunes, still sound as fresh today as they did when first released.
Soul Patrol, such a deep tune.

Yeah Crunch VI probably towards the end of October. Need some downtime after the last few weeks. Who knew putting on a rave was such a mission? Kee said he'd be up for the next one, maybe some cheeky b2b bizniss?

Gonna get the place to sort out some air-con and fix up the channel that kept dropping out if we're there again. At least when it was working it sounded pretty sick. Do any of your mates have any photos from the night?

DJ Sin mix will be up on Crunchlive.co.uk in the next few days (if I can get her to mix it down!) and so will mine. If it's ok I'll link to your MySpace too - lot of people asking about your stuff since Saturday! Or maybe even upload one of your recent mixes?